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Phil Lovas

With Trump Early

With President Trump Now

In These Times, We Need a Congressman We Can Trust.

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Phil Lovas

Conservative for Congress

Phil Lovas is a conservative leader who has:

  • Consistently voted to cut taxes
  • Fought to end government regulations
  • Worked to strengthen immigration laws

That’s the leadership we need in Washington to fight alongside President Trump for our values, our jobs, and our future.

Phil Lovas was appointed to the Arizona House of Representatives in February 2012. He was elected to a full term in November 2012 and won re-election in 2014 and 2016. During his time in the legislature, Phil chaired the Rules and Insurance committees and served on the Health, Education, Transportation, Government, and Children and Family Affairs committees. He was endorsed and given an A rating by the NRA in 2016. He has also been endorsed by Arizona Right to Life during his time in the legislature.

As a member of the legislature, Phil turned down a pension and sponsored the bill that shut down the Elected Officials Retirement Plan.

Outside the legislature, Phil worked in the hospitality business for nearly 15 years. As a franchise developer, he helped everyday Americans in Arizona and the western United States realize their dreams of owning a hotel property.

Phil turned down a pension when he was appointed to the legislature and in 2013, his first full year, he sponsored the bill which shut down the elected officials retirement plan so politicians coming into the system now get a 401k type plan just like the private sector. In 2014, Lovas sponsored the Right to Try bill which gives terminally ill patients the right to try drugs which are not fully FDA approved in order to save their lives. Arizona was the first state to pass it through the legislature. 38 states now have similar laws on their books.

In April 2017, Phil was appointed to a position in the Trump Administration as the Regional Advocate for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy.

While there, Phil worked with small business owners and proponents advocating against overly burdensome federal rules and regulations.

Phil lives in Peoria with his wife, Corinne, and three children.

Phil Lovas

The 1st Arizona State
Legislator to Support
and Endorse Trump

Phil Lovas was the first member of the state legislature to endorse President Trump and was trusted to serve as the Arizona State Chairman for the President’s campaign.

Phil will lead the fight in Washington to restore our values and pass President Trump's America First agenda:

  • Drain the swamp
  • Support term limits
  • End pensions for members of Congress
  • Make Congress live by the same laws they pass for the public

The Proven Leader
President Trump Needs

Committed to
Draining the Swamp